Equity & Inclusion

Creating equitable and inclusive environments for our workforce or the people we serve requires an intentional focus. Contact MGCT today to learn how we can assist in you in identifying and taking advantage of opportunities to become more inclusive!

Workplace Inclusion 

Do your employees bring their authentic selves to work? Are all aspects of your organization accessible to all people? Are you sure? Invest in fostering a workplace that is intentionally inclusive – a place where people can thrive because they are unique, not in spite of it.

Services include:

  • Needs assessment
  • Review recruitment and retention strategies
  • Policy review and development
  • Education and training
  • Environmental scans

Community Outreach & Needs Assessment

Do you need to reach a more diverse audience? Or better understand the needs and perspectives of different populations you serve? MGCT is here to assist you with a variety of outreach and needs assessment activities.

Services include:

  • Community surveys
  • Focus group facilitation
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Outreach materials
  • Connections with community agencies