MG Consulting & Training, LLC provides capacity-building services to help organizations fulfill their mission and promote equity in our workplaces and communities. Megan Good is the owner and principal consultant of MG Consulting & Training. She values collaborative work and partners with other individuals and organizations as appropriate to meet the needs of clients. Megan also contracts with a pool of skilled trainers to complement her areas of expertise in order to offer clients high-quality education and training across a range of topics.

Megan Good

megangoodMegan Good is a skilled trainer, project manager, public speaker, and evaluator. She has led over a hundred project teams and supervised staff on a wide variety of analytic, evaluation, programmatic, and technology implementation projects. Megan possesses several years of experience strategically navigating systems to change organizational culture, and she has demonstrated her ability to support and develop staff competencies.

Originally from Conestoga (Lancaster County), PA, Megan currently lives with her wife in Baltimore. She loves being an aunt and regularly dedicates time to her community, including serving as a Big Sister since 2010. Click here for Megan’s full bio. Click here for a list of Megan’s publications.